Friday, March 18, 2022


6:45 amRegistration / Continental Breakfast
Vaquero Ballroom Foyer
7:20amWelcome and Opening Remarks
David G. Rizik, MD
Arizona Ballroom, Level 1

Cases Over Coffee III: Case Presentation with Expert Commentary

Moderator: Robert J. Applegate, MD

7:30 amCase 1: Emptying Out the "Treatment Toolbox" to Overcome Coronary Calcium

Robert F. Riley, MD

7:40 amCase 2: A Structural Heart “Emotionally Enriching” Experience
Jonathan G. Schwartz, MD
7:50 amCase 3: Endocarditis Following Type A Dissection Repair
Dawn Hui, MD

Unresolved Issues in Coronary Disease Management III: Complex Coronary Intervention

Moderators: John M. Lasala, MD, PhD and Manish A. Parikh, MD
Panelists: Dawn Hui, MD; Michael J. Lim, MD; Arthur B. Reitman, MD; Matthew W. Sherwood, MD and Nadia R. Sutton, MD

8:00 amTreatment for the “No Option” Refractory Angina Patient
Timothy D. Henry, MD
8:15 am

Current Status of DAPT Abbreviation and De-escalation

Dean J. Kereiakes, MD
8:30 am

Case Presentation and Discussion: Streamlining PCI Guided by IVUS Imaging

Jasvindar Singh, MD

8:40 amCase Presentation and Discussion: Shock in the Cath Lab – When and How to Escalate Support
Arthur B. Reitman, MD
8:50 am

Evolution of the CTO Toolbox

William L. Lombardi, MD

Live Cases 9 & 10

Moderators: John M. Lasala, MD, PhD and Manish A. Parikh, MD
Panelists: Kush Agrawal, MD; Marvin H. Eng, MD; Farouc A. Jaffer, MD, PhD; Taral N. Patel, MD; Binita Shah, MD and Jasvindar Singh, MD

9:00 amCase 9
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
Operator: David G. Rizik, MD
Guest Operator: Ziad A. Ali, MD, DPhil and James B. Hermiller, MD
9:30 amCase 10
Broadcast from HonorHealth Shea Medical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
Operator: Bimal B. Padaliya, MD
Guest Operators: Robert F. Riley, MD and Alok Sharma, MD
10:00 amBreak / Visit Exhibits

Unresolved Issues in Coronary Disease Management IV: Complex Coronary Intervention; Mechanical Circulatory Support

Moderators: Morton J. Kern, MD and David Moliterno, MD
Panelists: David A. Cox, MD; Michael J. Lim, MD; Sunil V. Rao, MD; Arthur B. Reitman, MD

10:30 amMechanical Circulatory Support: Back to the Basics

Morton J. Kern, MD

10:40 am

High-Risk PCI: Evidence for and Against Routine M.C.S.

Sripal Bangalore, MD

10:50 am

Access to Closure: Navigating the Pitfalls of Large-Bore Access

Douglas E. Drachman, MD

11:00 am

Editor’s Perspective: Challenges Designing and Executing Cardiogenic Shock Trials

David Moliterno, MD

11:15 am

Case Review: Utilizing Impella in High-Risk Elective PCI

Robert F. Riley, MD

11:25 am

National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (NCSI) and Earlier Implementation of MCS

Nadia R. Sutton, MD

11:35 am

Developing a Cardiogenic Shock Team at Your Institution (and the Role of MCS)

Michael A. Kutcher, MD

11:45 am

RV Mechanical Circulatory Support: The Tale of Two Ventricles

James A. Goldstein, MD

11:55 am

CTO PCI in Patients with Cardiogenic Shock: Need to Individualize Care

Sripal Bangalore, MD

12:05 pm

Case Review: The Emerging Role of Supported TMVr

David G. Rizik, MD

12:15 pm

Case Review: Utilizing Impella in Cardiogenic Shock

M. Chadi Alraies, MD
12:25 pm

Impella®-Supported PCI in Patients with Complex Coronary Disease and Reduced Left Ventricular Function: What We Hope to Learn from PROTECT IV

Gregg W. Stone, MD
12:40 pm


Pick-Up Lunch and Return to the Ballroom

Working Lunch

Panelists: David A. Cox, MD; Kendra Grubb, MD; James B. Hermiller, MD; David Moliterno, MD; Sunil V. Rao, MD; Michael J. Reardon, MD; Molly Szerlip, MD

1:00 pmConversation in Cardiology with Morton J. Kern

Meet The Experts (Located in Exhibit Hall)

2:30pmMeet the Experts I: The Editor's Perspective
Moderator: Mark Reisman, MD
Discussants: Steven R. Bailey, MD; David Moliterno, MD; Sunil V. Rao, MD
  • Case 1: Routine Use of CEP in TAVR | Maulik G. Shah, MD
  • Case 2: Routine Use of MCS in AMI / Shock | Thomas E. Waggoner, MD
  • Case 3: Case Presentation: TAVR in a Young, Low-Risk Patient | Neil M. Gheewala, MD
3:30pmMeet the Experts II: Complex Case Reviews
William L. Lombardi, MD
4:00pmMeet the Experts III: Alternative Access, Leaflet Modification and Novel Methods for LVOT
Moderators: Adam B. Greenbaum, MD and Mark Reisman, MD
  • Case 1: Case Presentation and Data Review: The “SMART” Approach to Small Annulus TAVR | Michael J. Lim, MD
  • Case 2: Case Presentation: BASILICA Procedure Prevents Coronary Obstruction | Carlos E. Sanchez, MD
  • Case 3: Case Presentation and Discussion: Navigating LVOT Obstruction in TMVR | Adam B. Greenbaum, MD
*Meet the Experts is not a CME accredited session